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Grow Your Own Hair Back!

Effective for both Men AND Women with NO Sexual Side Effects!
  • NO Surgery
  • NO Wigs, Weaves, Toupees
  • NO Sexual Side Effects
FDA Approved


Scalp Med targets the cause of hair loss at it's source and is Clinically Proven to help you retain and regrow your own hair!



Scalp Med has been granted several patents including U.S. patents #7,749,489, #8,119,111 and #8,147,815 as well as several other U.S. and International Patents, both issued and pending.

Shane Malek Shane Malek

Founder, Scalp Med President, Nevada Hair and Scalp Institute

Scalp Med Inventor

Over a decade ago, I was devastated to realize that I was losing my hair. I looked and researched but found nothing that would actually re-grow my hair back the way I was hoping without unwanted sexual side effects. After years of research and development, as well as visiting, consulting, monitoring and treating patients with hair loss at the Nevada Hair and Scalp Institute, the Scalp Med System was born.